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    Hi all,

    I just got this iphone 3G S. I am a radio DJ, music artist, and commercial producer.

    My questions are quite simple (i think).

    1) I have many "live radio shows" I recorded of myself (air-checks), and several other audio items that are NOT copyrighted. Well, I guess they are ME, so I can allow myself to distribute them as I deam necessary.

    Q... Does itunes let me put songs into it that are from MY studio, self made & performed? Or does it HAVE to be bought from the apple istore for use in my phone?

    2) Will anything I put into itunes (all mp3 format), allow me to put them into my iphone?

    3) I have LOTS of music that I got as a program director (radio promotional copies), "music". Stuff I got legitimately, not "stealing" from some P2P program like limewire, bear share, etc. Will I run into problems getting them into itunes, or my iphone?

    As much info on this topic will help me tremendously!!!!

    Thanks folks.


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    Anything that iTunes can handle can be put into your iPhone. iTunes can handle many more formats than mp3, and the source is irrelevant, as long as it's not protected to another player. It sounds like you're in the clear for that too.

    You should have no problems.

    Welcome to MacRumors. :)

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