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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by blizzardnorth, Jun 15, 2010.

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    Yesterday (11:50AM) I called my local Radio Shack twice and asked them how their iPhone 4 pre-order process worked. They told me to come in tomorrow (6/15) when they opened with a $50 deposit, and that would guarantee getting a 32GB iPhone 4 on launch day, June 24th. A few hours after getting off the phone with Radio Shack I decided to go through my 4X daily routine of checking tech websites for any news*. Then I find an engadget report that says Radio Shack has changed their pre-order process, and would now have some sort of PIN system.

    So I called again, this time around 7:50PM and asked them the same question. I mentioned that I had read on the Radio Shack twitter page that they were no longer doing pre-orders. The employee said that things may change, but just in case bring $50 along in the event that the pre-order process doesn't change. He said that I should definitely call when they open at 10:30AM.

    So today rolls around and I shoot off my first phone call to Radio Shack (at 10:38AM) asking them what is going on with the iPhone pre-order. He said that it has changed to a "customer request", and it didn't require me to put any money down. He said the "customer request" starts at 12PM. I asked if there was a line, and he said no, you will be fine.

    I arrive at my local Radio Shack today at 12PM sharp and state to the salesman that I would like to pre-order the new iPhone. He corrected me and stated it was a "customer request". I said ok, sure, sign me up for the black 32GB iPhone 4. He took my information down on pen and paper, and I noticed I was near the top of the list. He informed me that I would be receiving a phone call when Radio Shack receives the iPhone in order to set up a meeting so I can pick up my iPhone. I asked if I would get it on June 24 and he said definitely. The computers at this particular Radio Shack were "down" and he would enter my information into the computer once his computer worked again.

    Then I read online that the "customer request" only lasted a few hours (like 2) and then read that some customers were given PINs.

    So I called again and asked if they got me into the system. They said that everything worked fine and that they had all the necessary information. They would be contacting me as to when I could pick up the new phone. I asked again if it would be on June 24, and he said definitely. I asked if there was a PIN associated with my customer request and he said no. I informed him that people on the internet forums were stating that they had PINs, and he said no, there are no PINs. But he informed me not to worry, I would be receiving a call when Radio Shack receives the new iPhones. I asked again, June 24th? Definitely.
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    pretty much exactly what happend during my RadioShack experience this morning.... no receipts, no confirmation... wrote my info on a piece of paper... *sigh* I hope they don't **** this up.
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    And the best part is that when go to Radio Shack's website and appraise my current iPhone, it states it as $301 in the best shape with charger. I went in store and asked about the trade in program, and he said that yeah, they use the same website that I access and that my phone is in amazing condition and would absolutely qualify under the best condition rating.

    He said starting June 24th - July ? that they were guaranteeing $100 for iPhone 3G and $200 for iPhone 3GS.

    But, my strategy is to wait until June 21st, then trade my phone in... hopefully for $301. I don't want to wait until their new iphone trade in promo starts as I believe they won't offer $301 anymore.
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    yeah.. i asked my friend who worked at radioshack if he could take my preorder.. he was like yeah sure. bring $100 (2 phones)

    he calls me up yest at 1pm and tells me to get my ass at the store.

    he tried like 100 times and finally i got 2 pin numbers.

    on the receipt it reads "this request does not reserve a specific iPhone or guarantee availability for the customer.."

    i asked him if i'll be gettin the iPhone on the 24th and he said yeah 99% you will but he also told me to use radio shack as a backup since I didn't have to pay.

    so later that day i tried att/apple sites they were all down and luckily i tried the apple store app on my iphone and reserved 2 phones at my local apple store.

    i got the email confirmation and everything that i'll get it on the same day.

    if I find out any more info from my friend, i'll be sure to post it up here.

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