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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by DJ88, Jul 6, 2010.

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    Time to share my cool story bros.

    Was originally waiting for the white iPhone, but after seeing some of those pics of the black with the white bumper and realizing that the black looks way better when the screen is off, being uniformly black, I decided i'd get the black.

    I was already setting myself up to still have to wait a while to get one, getting on waiting lists and so forth.

    Along comes Saturday, I'm at the mall and we walk by a Radio shack. I think to myself there's no chance in hell they'll have any in stock but I decide to go in and ask anyway. I ask a guy if they have any iPhones, he pauses for a second and asks if I'm already an AT&T customer. I tell him yes so he asks me if me if I'm upgrade eligible, again I say yes. So he thinks for a second and tells me to wait there for a second. As he goes into the back of the store I'm expecting a ton of different answers when he comes back. "Sorry man we just sold our last shipment", "We have some but they're all going to people on a reserved list" or "We haven't got any in since launch, sorry"

    Well the guy comes back and he's holding a brand new iPhone 4 16 GB box. I couldn't believe it. He told me they had just gotten a new shipment in and they had called the 10 next people on the reserve list, but one of them had already gotten his phone somewhere else so he could sell me his. I was lucky as hell to get there at just the right moment.

    My gf and I watched the World cup (Paraguay vs Spain) in the store while he cluelessly went through the process of seeing if I was upgrade eligible, and going through the steps AT&T makes for what seemed like almost an hour.

    Phone is great, no yellow spots, no green spot in the camera, reception at my place is great even if I grip it in my left hand. I'm in love with this phone, a gigantic upgrade from my old POS 3G.
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    congrats !!!!!

    enjoy the phone, me getting soon;)
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