Radio shack still selling ATV 4 $120 + hdmi

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Expidia, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. Expidia, Jan 9, 2016
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    Sep 16, 2015
    bot two last week from apple store $149.99 each. Returned both today back to store for full credit and picked up two at $119.99 at radio shack and they both came with an hdmi cable.

    Last week before i bot from apple i called radio shack and they said the deal ended 1/3. My son got one for $99 with no hdmi cable 2 weeks ago at RS.

    I saved $100 on both if you price their hdmi at $19.95 each.
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    Unequivocally incorrect. You might assume "purchased" is more formal, but it simply is no more correct than "bought". You're not the hero the internet needs.
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    My Mom bought me the new ATV4 at Radioshack, and it came with that cable. I was blown away. I seriously thought they were all closed for good. She said it was the only place in her area that had it.

    I swear I saw a report online that Radioshack was defunct and done with.
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    May I suggest doing a search for "comma splice"?

    I couldn't resist. My apologies to all.
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    I saw that they were still on sale when I went to return 4 AppleTV's I had bought for $99 each just before Christmas. Made me really sad to return them. I did keep 2 I purchased for myself....I was convinced I could sell the others on Craigslist since the RadioShack special price was so low. They cost me $108 each after tax. I was able to sell one for $120, but even having them listed on CL at $120 I got no interest for over a week so I just returned the extra ones. I was kind of surprised there wasn't more interest off Craigslist.

    I did find it funny that when I bought them RadioShack had them for $99, but each store I went to tried to "suggestively sell" the HDMI cable for an additional $15. I just told them I already had one. They soon thereafter changed it to a $120 bundle where you had to buy the HDMI cable too. I guess no one else was taking them up on the upgrade either.
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    Unless it's a Monster cable, in which case it's worth about $600 and makes your HD faster.
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    It turns your HD into Ludicrous HD.
  11. Expidia, Jan 12, 2016
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    Im not saying I'd pay that. But thats what radio shack sells them for. I buy mine from amazon basics for $9.95 for two.

    My point was they are including a free HDMI cable. So price the extra bonus savings at whatever you want. Still better than $149 plus the cost of an HDMI cable.
    I still saved the difference of $30 for each unit and already got my Apple $160 with tax x's 2 credited back onto my card. $60 plus the two free HDMI cables.
    Most of us were willing to pay Apples list price and many still are not aware of the current RS deal.

    I too thought all radio shacks were now just sprint stores, but they are actually pretty nice inside now with a lot of electronic stock back on the shelves again. I heard Nick Cannon saying a few weeks ago on the stern show that he and or a group were taking over supplying radio shack with newer stuff. Looks like he did already.
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    Ya, my son went in for the RS $99 special around xmas and they tried to sell him the $20 cable, but he declined and just paid the $99. But that deal ended 1/3.

    The RS brand cable is actually very decent build especially for the lay person that runs into the store and does not want to wait to save a few bucks online, its not a bad cable even for the $19.95. Its the quality of a mono price brand cable or better. Even Walmart up charges you big time on accessories. Hard to run out and find a $5 HDMI locally.

    I think RS must have cut some type of deal using the new ATV 4 as a loss leader to get people to see their new stores. As we all know, Apple products are not discounted when new and even the Apple store said they could not match that price let alone include a cable.

    Apple is so nickel and dime . . . I'm still amazed that Apple refuses to include a lanyard for the Siri remote for a $149.995 priced item and then has the balls to charge $13 for it as an accessory. I can imagine how many expensive TV's are going to have the remotes bounce off the screen especially when kids friends come over
    I just picked up a $14.95 black silicone case off amazon and it comes with a lanyard too.

    Check out the specs in the pic. Not bad for free. Better than the crap HDMI cables that some devices come with.


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    Haha . . . I used to laugh years ago when standing at a busy best buy counter and watching the buyer of a new flat screen being fleeced by the salesman and paying $200 plus for monster cables

    You heard it here first . . . best buy and their selling everything at manufacturers retail prices will be the next chain to go belly up. I said that about Circuit City (just based on how bad they ran their stores and they sold at a discount yet) and they went out 6 months later.
    Same for Comp USA... another chain that sold for list price, treated customers like ******s and they closed up too, at least around here.
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    They may be decent cables, but there's still no way I'd spend $20 for one vs. $0.99 for this:
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    Umm, it comes with it for free in the deal. For free I'm sure you would take it no matter what RS sells their HDMI's for.

    By the way, that siri remote case and lanyard came from amazon 2 days ago. Its a must to protect from replacing the $79 remote from drops onto a hard surface and to save your screen when playing games:

    $14.95 is cheap insurance. And it makes holding the slippery and too thin of a remote a lot more comfortable. Plus the lanyard always indicates holding it in the correct direction even in the dark.
    Very happy with this cases quality for the price. The Apple lanyard from Apple alone would be like a $12.95 ripoff: FBA SIKAI® Patent The New Apple TV 4Gen Siri Remote&qid=1452891944&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1

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