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    I'm happy to announce that our adrenaline pumping runner / racer Rage Quit Racer has finally arrived on iPhone and iPad.


    Rage Quit Racer is a single player runner (or more accurately dropper) and a multiplayer racer where you are dropped from an insane height down tunnels full of danger, your mission is to navigate the tunnel and all its hazards and hopefully reach the end by tilting and using and nitro boosters at the appropriate time. (If you have played Minecraft Parkour dropper maps you will have a feel for how it plays although instead of moving left/right/up/down you travel around the edges of the tunnel).

    Features include:

    + Compete for placement in world wide leaderboards, earn a multitude of achievements and outlast your friends in online multiplayer.
    + 8 different tunnels to throw yourself down and 4 original pumping sound tracks to boost the adrenaline.
    + Record your games and share insane replays with friends and family.
    + Addictive twitch style game play
    + Retro sci-fi arcade look and feel

    Available on the App Store:

    https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rage-quit-racer/id1039688839 - Paid version
    https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rage-quit-racer-free/id1048228966 - Free version

    Here are a bunch of promo codes, please specify if you take one so that others will know not to



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    Many have asked for touch input as well as tilt, the new v1.1 now supports touch input. You will need to enable it in the settings menu though.
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    I just used that one, wished others would of listed the ones they used. List wasn't long and I got something for free so no biggie.


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