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    Mar 17, 2012
    I am in the market for a new back-up drive which I would like to use to back-up my SSD (240GB) and my internal hard drive (2TB) where I keep my iTunes collection. I want this back-up to still be usable when I eventually replace my iMac which as it is a mid-2010 has no thunderbolt port.
    I have found that the thunderbolt drives have no other ports (FireWire etc) so I've worked out that the best solution is to get a RAID array which has FireWire 800 and USB 3 (which I can eventually use with my new iMac).
    I've narrowed it down to three options

    2: 6TB RAID Lacie

    Or 3: Icybox RAID Enclosure (4 Bay) with TWO 3 TB Barracuda drives

    The last option (3) is probably my preferred option as it is expandable BUT will it work with only 2 hard drives in a four drive enclosure? How much trouble is it to set up? Would I in fact be better off in the long run if I bought option 1 (4TB single drive) then replaced it when necessary (when/after buying new mac) with a Thunderbolt RAID array?

    Thanks in advance.
    Your gratefully,

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