Raid Setup for Elite-AL Pro Qx2 Question

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by thedirtyduo, Oct 9, 2013.

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    Hi and I'm sorry if this type of question comes up often. I did some digging but want to make sure I have this right the first time.

    I have four 2Tb drives in my Mac Pro. I want any info that is copied to those drives to copied to my Elite Qx2. For example: everything on my Bay 2 Drive in my Mac Pro will be copied to a single drive on bay 2 of my Qx2.

    If any drive fails whether it's on my Pro or in my Qx2 I want to still be able to continue to work and replace the drive at my convenience.

    What Raid setting would I use on my Qx2 (4 or 5?) and when I'm in the disk utility do I set the "Raid Type" (mirrored or stripped) ?

    Bottom line is that I think I didn't need the Qx2 since I just want to clone Bay 1 on my Mac Pro to a single external drive and same goes for Bay 2,3,4 but since I have the Qx2 should I use it?

    Plus do you have any tips for when using a software like Carbon Copy Cloner to do nighly backups of all 4 drives? I would like CCC to only copy the new files over to the Qx2.
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    Should I post this somewhere else?


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