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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by dawrobel, Oct 3, 2009.

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    I'm setting up a new system for editing and I've got four drives, the main system drive, and three backups (Overkill yes, but my employer wants it). Does anyone know how to set this up in a raid configuration that would be ideal? (ie. I would like the main system drive to be mirrored on the three others).

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    If you would like a Mirrored drive you'll need to use two of the four drives you have.

    RAID Types:

    RAID 0 - Stripes the 2 or more drives as one volume. Good performance no redundancy. If one of the drives fail all data is lost.

    RAID 1 - Typically 2 drives that have synced/mirrored data. If one drive fails the other is preserved. Consider it a live backup or clone.

    RAID 5 - 3 or more drives. Increased performance. Drives are in parity, so one drive could fail. Replacing the drive the two or more remaining drives will rebuild the replaced drive and data is restored.

    RAID 1 and 0 can be built in the "Disk Utility". Simply click on a drive in the "Disk Utility" select "Raid" button to the right. Drag in the drives you want to build the raid as. Select mirrored or stripped. Select build and then format. For OS, use "Journaled" for Data or Media Drives select the option without Journaled.

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