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    As you may have seen my last post I have decided to buy a new HDD and I am trying to recover data now :) ( wish me luck ) I plan on buying 2 new 1tb Lacie HDD's with firewire so heres my question : I know you can do software raid with the disk utility I want to do a Safe Raid for important information is this reliable? and if one drive fails how would I go about recovering data from such a raid? would it just stop showing up as a raid and show up as a single disk letting me get the data off? assuming that one died in such a raid.

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    If you use Disk Utility's RAID 1 (Mirror) for your setup, then you just need to rebuild the RAID using the same Disk Utility when you've installed a new HD.
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    You will still be able to access the data on the remaining disk without interruption. Of course at that point you would not have the redundance anymore.
    Keep in mind that the RAID will only protect you from the drive failure and doesn't replace a good backup solution.

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