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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by jxcobra, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. jxcobra macrumors newbie

    Jul 13, 2007
    I currently own a White 2.16GHz Macbook with 1 GB of Ram. However, after downing iStates it became pretty clear that 1 GB of Ram isn't going to cut it if I plan on running Windows XP via Parrallels along with iTunes, Adium, Word, and Safari at the same time. Does anybody have a suggestion as to a good, relatively cheap 1 GB Ram card I can buy in order to update my Ram? The card will need to be Apple approved so that it doesn't cancel out my Warrenty. I heard that upgrading the Ram yourself is cheaper than buying it from Apple, since it cost $160 to upgrade your Ram on Apple, I am assuming it will cost about $100ish?
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    Did you buy the MacBook from Apple with 1 GB of RAM? If so, then currently you have two 512 MB RAM cards, so you'll actually need to buy two 1 GB cards to bring your total up to 2 GB.

    I got 2x1 GB from crucial for less than $100.
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    U have to buy 2 * 1Gb sticks of RAM

    i brought Corsair for 125AuD and upgarded my ram to 2gb and it works fast
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    There are no Apple approved 3rd party RAM modules -- Apple doesn't do that.
    However if you get a module that meets the specification, the warranty will not be voided, as RAM is a user-replaceable part.

    Your machine has 2 x 512 Mb SODIMMs at the moment. To upgrade, you will have to remove one or both of them.

    A 1 Gb SODIMM will take you to 1.5 Gb total, or 2 x 1 Gb SODIMMs will get you to 2 Gb. The Core2Duo machine can also take a 2 Gb module, for a maximum of 3 Gb RAM.

    I recommend that you deal with a reputable seller that knows Macs. On MR, the most often recommended USA dealers are Crucial, OWC and my favorite, Data Memory Systems - you're looking at about $110 for a 2 x 1 Gb kit.

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    Jan 12, 2006
    $110 for 2GB? I'd pass on that in a heartbeat. I got 2GB of G skill ram for less than $80 shipped not too long ago from newegg.com

    Search around. It looks like memory might have gone up just a bit, but I'm sure you can still find 2x1GB for less than $80 shipped somewhere.

    If you can't, just go for this matched pair of CORSAIR:


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