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    Oct 18, 2004
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    Hey everyone - hope your weekend is treating you well. Here's a mystery for you:

    My friend who has an 1Ghz iBook G4 identical to mine gave me her old stick of APPLE RAM when she bought an upgrade. It's the extra 256 So-Dimm she bought with her ibook. We popped it in my machine -- it would not boot up, but only did the 3-Beep/black screen thing. Took the RAM out, it worked fine. After repeating this a few times, we tried the RAM in her iBook -- worked, no problem. Repeated above procedure, and scratched our heads some more.

    Thinking this was a potential logical board issue, I called Apple. I'm still on the 1-yr warranty, but not the extended plan. Their response: "You're done with your 90-day phone support, the only way you can send it in is to take it to an Apple Reseller." Minor problem: the closest reseller to me is hours away!

    I was wondering:
    1) Do you have any ideas for the malfunction that I can't think of? I've done a million RAM upgrades on all sorts of systems, so I'm rulling out all the basic errors.


    2) Do you have any suggestions with contacting Apple that would let me jump to making this a "warranty" issue if my system is in fact less than up-to-par? I'd like to avoid the three hour drive, at all costs. I've heard of them mailing a postage-paid repair box, and I'd like to jump on that service if possible :~)

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    Aug 21, 2004
    Call them back and ask for a box to send it in.

    I did the smart thing when I upgraded my powerbook ram -- I had Apple on the phone and when I couldn't jam it in there properly -- it broke off a piece of the plastic holder. Because I was on the phone with them at the time, they replaced the whole logic board. Very nice. Just get another person on the line and get a box sent to you overnight. (Granted this was all within the three year Applecare period. I loved Applecare.)

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