RAM/CPU Monitor, RAM cleaner - SystemPal 2.2 released!

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    SystemPal (previously named MemoryTool) is the best tool to monitor your memory/CPU usage status, CPU temperature and fan speed. With this app, you can just click a button to free the wasted memory. You need not spend money buying more memory modules.

    Great Features:
    1. Colorful memory usage chart.
    2. Colorful CPU usage chart. Working well with multi-core processors.
    3. Colorful or mono icon on status bar. You can see the memory or CPU usage on the status bar directly!
    4. 1-Click cleaning memory. When you are short of free memory, you can just click 'Clean Memory' on SystemPal.
    5. Suggestions to quit apps which eat up memory.
    6. Special enhancement for OS X Lion. This utility works perfectly in Lion's full screen mode and every space.
    7. Auto-run at login (you need to set it in the menu first).

    Great For:
    - Internet surfers
    - Movie creators
    - Graphic artists
    - Architects
    - Developers
    - Musicians
    - Photographers
    - Scientists
    - Virtual machine users
    - Gamers

    - Safari's memory size showing on SystemPal includes the memory of the plug-in processes.
    - If you find any problem, please report it and provide your computer's model (e.g. MacBook Pro 13-inch Mid 2010). We will try to reproduce it and fix it as soon as possible. Thank you.

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    App Store link: http://itunes.apple.com/en/app/systempal/id453164367?l=en&mt=12
    Price: $0.99 (on sale for a limited time)
    Get the promo codes here: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=13444998#post13444998
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    SystemPal 2.2 released!
    Promo codes available too.:)

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