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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by yg17, Mar 19, 2005.

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    Aug 1, 2004
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    Im looking to add a gig of RAM to my PowerMac (Dual 1.8GHz, latest revision) and am not sure what is and isnt compatible. I've found these 3 deals on NewEgg:


    Now I've heard good things about Corsair and Mushkin memory, but thats from PC users. Anyone know if any of those 3 I listed won't work in my PowerMac? And out of those 3, which one would be the best? Thanks
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    The first and the third look pretty good, he second says 2.6 volts. I believe it's 2.5 volts for a G5. Usually these sites have a ram selector program on their site, where you only have to fill in your computer and it looks for all the ram it has for it. You never can go wrong then. Take a look at www.crucial.com
    Is always good ram for low prices.
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    Corsair specifically do not guarantee their XMS and ValueSelect RAM for Macs. Corsair do have a System Select series of generic RAM with a configurator for Mac machines.

    > the second says 2.6 volts

    That doesn't matter, really, because what they are saying is that the RAM can be run at a slightly higher voltage when overclocked in a Wintel machine.

    Standard recommendation: Only buy your RAM from a seller who guarantees in writing that it is compatible with your model Mac. It's not worth the time, hassle and lost shipping and/or restocking charges to play around with PC generic RAM.

    My recommendation for an honest, Mac-savvy seller in the US is Data Memory Systems www.datamem.com

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    Jun 27, 2004
    Go with OWC, I just bought a gig kit (2x512) for my new Single 1.8 G5... costed $134.50 or something with shipping, yesterday I checked and the price had gone down $7.
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    Aug 26, 2004
    I tried some Twinmos pc3200 cas 2.5 ram in my G5 and it was not recognised, even if I moved the ram into different slots the G5 did not detect it at all.

    Stay away from Twinmos unless you want it for a PC.

    I put the ram back into the PC from which it came, where it works very well.

    I now use PQI Turbo ram which works fine, the ram as its own heatsink like alot of other ram and you purchase it in pairs. costs around £109.99 for 2 x 512 sticks.

    Corsair Value Select PC3200 Cas 2.5 works in G5 also. I have had no issues with either brands. Corsair have DDR and DDR2 Value Select ram - as anyone tried DDR 2 ram in a G5?

    Here is the details of the ram, that is recomended for G5's by Corsair

    System Select series of generic RAM

    Corsair 512MB PC3200 DDR DIMM Memory

    (SKU: CMSS512MB400)

    Description:This 512MB PC3200 400MHz 184-pin DDR SDRAM DIMM is designed for industry models, including Dell, HP/Compaq, IBM and Gateway desktops.....
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    Aug 1, 2004
    St. Louis, MO
    Just thought I'd update everyone and throw in a recommendation. I went with these sticks of Mushkin RAM and they work great in my G5 and you can't beat the price. There's a huge difference between 512(4x128) megs of RAM (what I had before) and 1.25 gigs of RAM, what I have after the upgrade(2x512+2x128). Heck, I may eventually have to replace those remaining sticks of 128 with another set of this Mushkin RAM.
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