Ram for Macbook pro 2.4ghz MB470LL/A

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Sonhascome, Oct 19, 2011.

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    I wanted to upgrade the ram in my macbook pro MB470LL/A. When I went on one ram website it said that I could only upgrade this to 4gb, it was at 2gb. I went on another website and it said i could upgrade this to 6gb. So it got me thinking, what would happen if I put more in. I had 2 4gb sticks of ram and put them in there, and when I go to "about this mac" all 8gbs register. I always thought that if you put more ram into a computer than it was supposed to take then it would just register with its max supported amount. So my question is, is it actually operating with all 8gbs? thanks for the input
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    You can find specs on all Apple products:
    • By visiting EveryMac.com
    • By using Mactracker
    • By entering your serial number here to find specs for your model. (Be aware that some models can use more RAM than Apple shows. Check EveryMac or MacTracker to verify.)
    From EveryMac.com:
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    Apple supports only 4GB, but 8GB can actually be installed and used.

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