RAM for the G5 iMac...HELP!


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May 11, 2003
I think I've finally decided to upgrade my current iMac to the new G5's. Of course, like most people, I plan on upping the amount of RAM. I've noticed that to buy the RAM from Apple, it will be more expensive than buying from one of the places listed at MemoryToGo.com or 1-800-4-MEMORY. I have a few questions about this:

1. Is Apple RAM better than buying RAM from another place, or is RAM just RAM?

2. How much should I put in it? I was looking at putting 1GB I'm unsure whether to do two 512's or one 1GB and leave in the 256 that comes with it.

3. Finally, I heard that if you have two identical RAM, such as two 512's that are the same brand, they will run faster than having a single 1GB chip. Is this true?

Any help is most appreciated! Thanks!


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Jan 31, 2005

Some RAM is faster than others but for the iMac this doesn't matter since the iMac is very picky about what RAM it will take. If you visit the Apple Support Webpage and go to the iMac page you should find a link about iMac RAM.
Provided the RAM you buy meets all the requiremenst listed on that page there shouldn't be a problem, also make sure you buy from reseller that offers a good returns warranty in case anything goes wrong.

Put in as much as you can afford! Bear in mind that if you put in 2 512 sticks and deside to upgrade later then you will have to get rid of one of those sticks-just something to bear in mind.

If you visit the Barefeats Website they have run a series of tests between matching pairs of RAM and non-matched pairs. The results of the test show that having a matched pair of RAM in your system offers no noticable improvement over a non-matched pair.

Hope this helps :cool:
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