RAM Portions for macpro????

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Will10, Dec 29, 2010.

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    Thanks to the superb opinion I received on this forum a couple of months back I’ve finally managed to decide (and scrape enough together) to purchase my macpro.

    I’ve decided on the base 2.8 which comes with 3 x 1gb ram sticks. I’ve decided to add two x 4gb sticks from Crucial with the 2 x 1 single sticks in the other ports giving me a total of a 10Gb machine.

    My only question is I’ve been told that machines run faster (or RAM works better) when it has evenly portioned between ports. i.e the same amount in each RAM port. So in my proposed setup Id have an uneven portioning of RAM.

    So my question is: is the RAM even RAM port thing true? And if so would I notice the effect??

    10GB should be fine for my needs but if there is an effect with uneven division of RAM would I be better going for 3 x 4GB sticks giving me12GB and simply leaving the 4th port vacant??:confused:

    Many Thanks Chaps
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    I suppose it's a MacPro Quad Nehalem. Your MacPro memory will run in dual channel with 10 GB RAM and in triple channel with 12 GB RAM. In real world applications test you won't notice much difference. I have 3x4 GB RAM and 1x2 GB RAM and it still works, the last one in single channel. More memory is more bandwith.

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