RAM problems, Powermac G5 won't start


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Jul 23, 2004
Savannah GA
I tried to install 2 one gig ram crucial sticks into my powermac g5 and when I turned it on there was no input on the monitor, just blinking on the power button. I took the ram out and put the original ram back in and the same thing happened. Anyone know what to do?




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Blinkimg on the Mac power button or on the monitor powerbutton?

Have you reset the parameter RAM (hold down Command Option P R through startup)?

Have you installed the RAM in the correct matching sockets? (They have to be installed in matched pairs)

Is the RAM seated completely down in the sockets?

Have you disconnected all peripherals except mouse and keyboard and tried starting again?


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May 29, 2005
lol... call Crucial... i think u could've damaged your mobo if you pressed to hard or you weren't grounded (free of static electricity)


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Apr 17, 2004
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I certainly hope your problem is taken care of quickly.

Re-install the stock RAM and call AppleCare for a return.

While your siituation is unfortunate, it illustrates clearly why you should
ALWAYS test run your machine " AS SHIPPED" for a few days before installing
ANY BTO options.

When you talk to Apple, don't even mention the extra RAM at all.
Just tell them it won't start up.

You have 14 days no questions for a return anyway.

Apple should take good care of you and you'll be up and running soon.


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Sep 5, 2004
UK / Bournemouth
reading this has made me a little weary now... ive installed ram before, but is the g5 mobo particularly dellicate? anything i have to watch out for?

I always touch the pipes of the radiator before doing anything, but dont wanna blow my new baby when it arrives...


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Oct 29, 2004
Crucial RAM

I installed x2 1GB sticks from Crucial a few weeks back. I grounded myself as much as i could - Radiators, tables and the actual case itself would be earthed.

As for your probs - is it the same when u leave just the stock RAM there?