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Jul 24, 2007
Would a 2.16Ghz macbook with 2Gb of RAM be sufficient to run Photoshop CS3, InDesign CS3 and Final Cut Express HD Smoothly (not all at the same time of course), or should i opt for the macbook pro 4gb. I would only use the CS3 programmes and final cut express occasionaly and it would not be intensive work.

Any comments would be welcomed

Also, once more thing, if i get a macbook and put 2 2gb's of RAM in it would it be able to use 3gb of that RAM ? as i am lead to understand that although 2gb of RAM can be installed via Apple, it can actually harness 3GB of RAM :s


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Mar 8, 2007
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If it were me, I'd get the base MB pro and max the RAM out myself rather than through Apple. You'll save quite a bit, and you'll definitely be able to run all the apps at the same time. you can sell the original 2 x 1 gb sticks later. The video card is also significantly better.

edit: but yes, I'm pretty sure the MB with 2 gigs would be fine for your needs.


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Jan 18, 2007
If money is an issue go with the MB it will suit your needs.

If money isn't an issue go with the MBP then you can't have buyer's remorse.


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Mar 8, 2006
If you're only going to be using the listed programs occasionally then go with the MacBook. The MacBook Pro isnt worth the extra money.


Jan 30, 2006
I currently have a MacBook Core Duo with 1.25 GB of RAM, and I can run Final Cut Express, LiveType and Photoshop (and some other apps as iTunes, Safari, Mail and Adium) at the same time, and normally all remains smooth. If I try to then open Soundtrack or Illustrator, things get slow, but not too much. But the same would happen with a MBP with 1.25GB of RAM (maybe just a little little bit faster).

I am going to upgrade to 2GB of RAM tomorrow, I'll tell you how it goes.:)
But 4GB of RAM won't help you much, it would be almost the same as 2GB, chances are you are never going to need more than 2GB.

The only bad part of a MB for editing is the small screen, but using an external display solves the problem.

Some other thing you may take into account are:

1- Are you planning on using Final Cut Studio in the future? Motion and Color don't work too smoothly with the GMA950.

2- Are you going to be in the road frequently? If yes, then the bigger screen of the MBP would be a BIG plus.

3- Some other programs, as Aperture, could also take advantage of a dedicated GPU. But most of the time it works perfectly in the MB, at least the free-trial did.;)

Aside from that, the MB is an extraordinary laptop, which I have enjoyed a lot. It is the perfect size for college, and if you don't need a dedicated GPU, it is a very capable laptop.

If I ever get more serious in the video editing thing, I am planning on buying a desktop in the near future, so maybe this would be a perfect excuse to buy a Mac Pro.:D (I hate how Apple makes me an addict to its products:p).