RAM upgrade on an MBAir Mid 2011 13"

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by BookEmDanno, Jun 13, 2018.

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    Aloha Folks,

    I know this mac's ram cannot be upgraded. Has anyone with a similar model discover any options to upgrade? I would like to upgrade it from the current 4G to 8G.

    Mahalo (Thanks) for any suggestions/insights.

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    You've answered your own question "I know this mac's ram cannot be upgraded." ;)
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    The only way would be to change the entire logic board out for one that has 8 GB RAM. You could then put your SSD back into it and have upgraded RAM.
  4. Mrbobb, Jun 13, 2018
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    If u watch the StrangeParts youtube video, he unsoldered and re-soldered an iPhone memory chip, it's not for the faint of heart, he probably spent 1000% on tools and time on the project than buying a new phone, but he's doing it for his youtube channel. If you also watch the RossmannGroup channels, chips can be replaced, with the right equipment and expertise, so technically is possible, but finding that shop that will do this, and at what cost, and whether they will even guaranteed success, dunno. My guess is if you are in Shenzhen China, your odd increases.

    U should be able to find a 2011 8 gig Mobo at a reasonable$ wo the acrobatics. A working unit with a cracked screen?
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    The OP said he has a 2011 MBA. 4GB RAM was the maximum you could get in 2011, the only options were 2GB or 4GB. So I'm not sure if this would be possible at all, and surely not worth the effort since the 2011 MBA had many shortcomings compared to 2013 and newer models - I used to have a 2011 MBA. Battery run time is only about half the newer ones, only USB 2.0 and no AC wifi.

    Maybe the motherboard could be swapped, but just selling and replacing with a newer model that already has 8GB would make a lot more sense IMO. :)
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    Mahalo (Thank You) all for your responses. Oh well, that's it. I can live with this limitation. It's a sandbox anyway.

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