RAM upgraded - original discs - will they still work?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by bbnck, Aug 14, 2009.

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    Mar 19, 2009

    Last week I got my RAM upgraded from 512MB to 2GB on my Mac mini Intel Core Solo 1.5GHz 2006 model, and I wanted to reinstall Mac OS X Tiger (using the original discs that came with my machine). Just wondering if the RAM has changed (i.e. since mine is now 2GB) the original discs won't work? Cause right now I try slotting in DVD 1 of the installation discs and it just stays on the Apple splash screen with the continually spinning icon underneath the Apple logo - won't go any further. At first I thought it might be either the DVD drive or something else but a friend suggested it may be the RAM that's not making the discs work as according to him the discs will only work with the original hardware and specs (i.e. 512MB RAM) of the machine (unless its a retailer version). Can anyone confirm this please?


    Edit: Found out it was partition related that's causing the disc not to boot past the Apple splash screen. I accidentally deleted the hidden OEM partition when messing with partitions (and this is what makes the grey discs ability to boot into the installer). I went to an Apple authorised service provider near my area and they tested a retail copy of the Mac Box Set of Snow Leopard and it booted into it fine - purchased Snow Leopard Mac Box Set yesterday, installed perfectly :). If you have Tiger or don't have leopard currently installed, you need to purchase the Mac Box Set of Snow Leopard at approximately £129/$169.
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    Dec 10, 2008
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    I never heard of RAM verification, I have unibody macbook pro and I changed the RAM to 4 GB and the RAM manufacture is not the one apple uses, It might be compatibility problem perhaps the bus speed
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    I very strongly doubt that it is somehow "checking" the original specs of the machine and failing to install. If it is anything to do with the RAM, it could be that it is bad and that's why the installer is failing. Try swapping back to the original RAM to verify this.
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    I've upgraded the RAM in all three of my Macs and all of them still load up the original installation discs just fine. Does the current OS installed on the system function normally? If it does, you shouldn't have any problems. Are you sure you're being patient enough? Loading the install from the DVD does take a lot longer than a normal bootup.
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    yep - can confirm i've upgraded memory on an imac, macbook and mac pro and think i've reloaded all 3 at some time or another.
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    What you need to do is a hardware test. Using a wired USB keyboard, mouse and monitor connection only put your 1st Install disk in the drive
    and restart the computer holding down the D key. Once hardware test appears select the long test for testing. If you pass the test then most likely your DVD has gone bad. You can get replacements at Apple for $35.

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