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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by wrldwzrd89, Oct 17, 2007.

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    Now that the Leopard specs are out, and some of my family's Macs do not meet the RAM requirement, I think it's time to upgrade the RAM of the Macs in question. 2 Macs are in need of an upgrade - a 1.25 GHz PowerBook G4 with 256 MB of RAM and a Rev. C iMac G5 with 512 MB of RAM. I'd like to bring both to 2GB. My questions are:

    1. Is this possible?
    2. If it is, what would you recommend as an upgrade method?

    My choices for #2 are:
    A. Have my local Apple retail store do all the work
    B. Buy the RAM from some third-party and install it myself
    C. Buy the RAM from some third-party and pay someone to install it
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    Sep 29, 2007
    I can share with you my experience with this last week.

    I needed to upgrade my G4 256 MB to buy new software. I did a lot of research and decided to buy Ram from a very reputable Apple sales on-line site. I bought 1 GB, Western was the brand. When it arrived, I installed it. Very easy process.

    I booted up my PB and the first thing I noticed is my date was 1969. OK, fixed that. Then system freeze. One after the other. I could not accomplish anything. So I called tech support, where I bought my Ram and they told me to remove the new Ram and boot back up and see if my the problem with freezes stops.

    I removed the Ram. Booted back up and nothing. No screen, no nothing. I spent nearly two hours with their tech support, and he was good but he could not help me. No compasion from Apple for obvious reasons.

    I took PB into Apple Store and left it for evaluation of problem. They called and said I needed a new hard drive. The hardrive was 13 months old.

    Was this just fluke? Timing of the universe? I have no way of knowing for sure. But the simple little plan of adding ram, which by the way, many, many do sucessfully, cost me.

    That's my story. So If I ever were going to do it again. I would let apple do it, but only because of my personal experience.

    As far as your G4, I don't think you can upgrade to more than 1 GB. The manual that came with mine says that is the limit.

    Good luck.

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