Random computer freezing/weird display when gaming

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by killswitch1698, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. killswitch1698 macrumors regular

    Jun 9, 2009
    Hey all,

    Recently ive been having a couple of issues with my mac; the thing is i havent used it in a few months.

    anyway lately when i have been using my computer if i dont use it for a few minutes it will freeze, causing me to force it to shut down. and the other issue is kinda hard to explain but for some reason when i am gaming the picture has been acting up lately; i can see almost perfectly fine but there are vertical lines all over the screen - about 2cm long...the lines only seems to pop up on 3d imaging.

    i have an iMac PPC G5 with 512mb ram

    like i said i have not used this computer in a while

    thanks in advance for the help

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    John Doe 57

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    I would try increasing the memory of the iMac by buying some more RAM.
  3. killswitch1698 thread starter macrumors regular

    Jun 9, 2009

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