Random Contacts Deleted when Texting

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  1. Florida Pub macrumors newbie

    Jan 16, 2014
    Hello! My first post to the forum, so apologies for any protocol violations.

    I upgraded to an iPhone 5s (iOS version 7.0.4) last week, and am having a problem. Very occasionally, perhaps about once every 10 times, when I send a new text message to one of my contacts, the moment the text message sends, my contact is deleted.

    Just that one contact. I have seen threads about the entire contact list deleting. This is not the same. For example, if I select John Doe from my contact list and compose a new text to him, it says John Doe at the top of the text message. I hit send, and the moment it sends, John Doe's name disappears and is replaced by his phone number, such as 813-123-4546. Then when I go back into my contacts list, John Doe no longer exists. He has been deleted.

    This does not happen every time. Rarely, in fact. But when it does it's quite a pain to retrieve the contact info and re-input.

    I've tried to identify a pattern for when this happens, but so far I cannot identify anything. I called Apple Support and they couldn't offer any valuable options. They got stuck trying to change my settings, and it's hard to believe this could be a setting since it occurs so infrequently. Feels like a quirky little bug.

    Thanks to anyone who can assist.
  2. shann macrumors newbie

    Mar 28, 2014
    same problem

    Hi am having exactly the same issue but its happening more often than the previous post. About one in 5 messages results in the contact being deleted.

    Any advice welcome.


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