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    Just to preface this, im running on a Macbook Pro, running tiger, 10.4.11 with 3gb ram and a 2.33 ghz processor. its 3 years old, filled to the brim with stuff and has been used HEAVILY, burned 200 dvds on it last year for an editing job... and now its slow as hell. I planned on getting the NEW mbp that i was hoping would come out the 27th and it didnt. After im done with this machine i plan on reformatting it and giving it to my college bound brother to use for word proccessing and surfing.

    So the other day i went to open a .mov file that i had ome my computer and it kept crashing Quicktime, i got nervous and decided it was a good time to backup my whole machine. Then i hit a problem. A bunch of random files are not corrupt for some reason. I am getting the error, - 36 part of the file and not be read/written midway through the files copy onto an external harddrive.

    Originally i thought that new MBPs were coming out on wednesday, so i was going to kinda brush this off, get the new machine i have been waiting for, reformat and hand the computer down to my younger brother. But since the new lapotps arent out yet ill be on this one for a while. Any idea why this would happen? Also, i "Optimized" my harddrive and repaired my permissions using Onyx and i still cant copy the files...

    The files are totally random, couple photos, some videos, some documents. i was able to back up 98 percent of my data, at this point im more concerned with WHY it happened as opposed to how to fix it, and how to make this machine run better once i reformat it and give it to my brother.
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    Could be that the media on the hard drive is starting to break down or at some point, you've had a crash which has corrupted the directory structure and you now have overlapped files or the hard drive has an intermittent read failure when warm.

    If you know the location of the files that didn't copy across, allow the machine to cool down and try to copy off the files when the machine is cold (say after being shut-down overnight).

    To discover if you have overlapped files boot up in single user mode and type:

    (Then press Return) - don't use "-fy" as this will attempt to repair the damage and with a fairly full drive, could corrupt more files.

    If you see:

    ** Overlapped extent allocation (file xxxxxx /path/path/Myfile)

    write down the "path/path/Myfile" part for each file.

    Now examine each file path reported. If you know they are not needed, are part of the system or applications (rather than your own data you created) then delete each file using the following:


    mount -uw /
    (Then press Return)


    and then a space (but don't press Return yet).

    On the same line, type the path to the affected file and then press return.

    Note: If a file's path contains a space (for example, /iTunes/iTunes Music/Random Song.m4a), type a backslash (\) before each space, or put the entire path in quotation marks. For example:

    /iTunes/iTunes\ Music/Random\ Song.m4a


    "/iTunes/iTunes Music/Random Song.m4a"

    A utility that does a full read test should help and Disk Utility (booted from your MacOS install DVD) should show you the SMART status of your drive. If it's failing, then you'll more than likely want to replace the drive.

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