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Feb 4, 2009
Northern District NY
I think this is the right place to post this...?.. Either way I wanted to show off my decent photos I took..feed back appreciated! I of course naturally took allot of photos of Apple products :D :D

Feel free again to critique or ask any questions :)
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Jan 15, 2006
Right take this with a pinch of salt.

Firstly since you say you want to "show off your decent photos" you obviously like them which is good because if you don't like your own photos then you are doing something wrong.

One thing I would ask though is what is the purpose of your pictures?

I personally like taking pictures of people because no two people are the same is its nearly impossible to pull off the same emotion and expression twice so each photo is going to be different. The motivation behind why I take pictures is I know that there is a better photo out there to take and each time I take a good photo I know that there is better still.

With product photography I can't follow the same theory. Technically speaking that iPhone 4 is almost identical to the one in the Apple shop near me which is miles away from you so technically I could take a very similar photo to you.

If your feedback was more fine tuned i.e. Hey guys I want to sell my phone on eBay are these flattering for my iPhone or Hey guys I'm really into taking product pictures then it would be easier to give some feedback as we would know your motive behind taking the picture which I think is very important when looking at how to improve your photography.

That is all of course my opinion so please choose to ignore it if it's not up to scratch!


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Oct 5, 2006
Northern/Central VA
First image-

Bad arrangement- lots of "nothing" at the top of the image that doesn't do anything for the image. Washed out colors.

Second image-

Bad arrangement- too cluttered. Too many random reflections. Poor lighting.

Third image-

Poor arrangement, background doesn't work.

Fourth image-

Too cluttered, subject is lost in the clutter.

Fifth image-

Bad arrangement, bad lighting, too many random reflections.

Sixth image-

Bad arrangement/shooting angle. Distracting background.

Seventh image-

Poor arrangement, distracting reflections that would work if they were interesting.

Eighth image-

Bad lighting, nothing interesting in a blank screen.

Ninth image-

Bad lighting, distracting black line in middle of subject.

Tenth image-

Distortion and placement of backlight logo doesn't work. Reshoot.

Eleventh image-

Too much clutter. Terrible lighting. Barrel's too short for long-range shots. Furniture doesn't match accessories ;)

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