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    Hi all, this app is universal and runs best of iPad

    Random Gixel Generator Pro now features a new feature 'Pictures'. Illustrations by Comicorp that are influenced by the color sliders.

    Check it out at: Random Pixel Generator Pro

    Imagine an endless universe, a world without boundaries. Whatever you can imagine, there is a possibility it exists!

    A must have for anyone interested in philosophy, art, and imagination!

    Random Pixel Generator generates random images by assigning randomized color values to each pixel of an image. The resulting image theoretically can display anything in the human imagination.

    Just like the Library of Babel, a library of endless possible texts, you have at your fingertips a library of amazing undiscovered images.

    You also have an option to use Algorithmic Influenced random images, providing constantly evolving images and patterns of art.

    Adjust the color values and set limits on the colors you want to use!

    Turn on the auto play feature and let the app cycle through images automatically. You have yourself a refreshing photo frame. Leave it on and hang it up on the wall. Enjoy the artistic creations of the Random Pixel Generator!

    ALSO INCLUDED IN THE PRO VERSION: A gallery of illustrations from Comicorp, all in which can all be influenced by the color range sliders!





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    App has been updated with new features and content.
    Original post has also been edited to reflect the new changes.

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