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    Dec 7, 2013
    Hi everyone,

    I switched from Windows a few months ago so I'm still a new Mac user! I recently decided to do some tweaks to my UI using Terminal, Mountain Lion Tweaks, and Tinkertool. Everything seemed fine, then after I rebooted I noticed there's a red tint all over random icons and buttons in all different programs and even on my menu bar. When I open up Adobe Illustrator, for example, there's a red tint on each button and all over the whole canvas. Even the splash screen when it first opens up has a huge red square behind it.

    As for the edits, I've rolled everything back to system default using the options in TinkerTool and Mountain Lion Tweaks. In Terminal, all I changed was adding debug menus to apps as well as enabling desktop widgets.

    I'm running Mavericks with all the latest updates on my Macbook Pro 15" with Retina. I have a screenshot attached with some apps open. You can even see the red tint on the icons for Caffeine, Skydrive, and my Calendar app on the menu bar. Any thoughts?

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    Ok, after spending a couple days trying to figure it out, I remembered a tweak I had done and solved the issue. I figured I'd post it for everyone else.

    Turn off non-retina highlighting with this command in Terminal:
    defaults write -g CGContextHighlight2xScaledImages NO

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