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    Jun 26, 2013

    If you are a software developer, the manufacturer of any product, or to engage in activities which involves the use of random numeric, alpha-numeric, alpha-numeric-character sequences, then this app is for you.


    • Generation of numeric sequences;
    • Generation of letter sequences;
    • Generation of special character sequences;
    • Generation of alpha-numeric sequences;
    • Generation of alpha-character sequences;
    • Generation of character-numeric sequences;
    • Generating alpha-numeric-character sequences;

    Any type of sequence can be divided into groups by means of a hyphen. For example: OB9D-0253-O770-0YUN-SUK4-BXX2-CXME

    Also, the application can specify the length of the generated sequences.

    Price 1,99$
    MAS link
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    Nov 28, 2010
    As a VENDOR or SPAMMER, you should at least include the link to the application you talk about, unless you only look for people, who go on looking for your application via www search engines, but then again, your audience will be limited (while not being limited of course).

    Anyway, the icon could use some rainbows.

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