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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by alexmarchuk, Jan 13, 2015.

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    Okay. Bare with me here, It was a long 6 hours.

    So my rMBP (mid-2012) started off randomly shutting off 6-10min of being booted up. Then it got worse, it would shut up at 70% battery life. Then it got even worse, the rMBP would shut down (at least I thought so) and once I restarted it, no boot. Okay, I was persistent and booted into single user mode, reset SMC, reset the RAM, etc. Nothing. I'd close the notebook for 5 minutes or so, open up again and boot it up. Goes to login screen - then 1/3 of the load in shut down again. Can not login.

    Couldn't run pressing D at startup and when I could see the display it gave me a -5012 error? I believe. Regardless, couldn't run the Apple Hardware test.

    I somehow got back into the computer to the recovery portion and tried reinstalling Yosemite, I had 10.10.2 at the time, I think it might have been the culprit, but wait.

    Installation said "complete, restarting, etc" and it shut off, didn't turn on again. Had to close the lid, then wait 5 minutes to even start it up.

    Still, nothing. I somehow got in again and I'm going to say, I believe I downloaded a bunch of keygens to some softwares and downloaded a bunch of trojans or something on my Win 7 BootCamp portion. I read up and noticed if you mess with the hard drive partitions under windows, it can mess with your OS X side. I think that's what happened, the Windows portion received a virus file and tried compromising my disk.

    Thoughts? Very confusing, it's running fine now.
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    I think your computer got really mad. That used to happen to me on my 2010 13' mac book pro. It would shut down, after 30 minutes then every 5 minutes. And the strange part is when i took into apple last year they said over 600 dollars in fixes. and by then i just bought the retina. Glad everything worked out for you. And how do you open the apple hardware test on a mac and if so will it mess up my mac? ( i have a lot of important files)
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    If you have problems again, using the disk utility in recovery mode to verify your hard drive might give a clue.

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