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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Virginiadc, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. Virginiadc macrumors newbie

    Aug 11, 2008
    I have a home wireless network, 5 windows machines, one macbook (new) and 2 printers. I have spent about a month trying to get the new macbook to print wirelessley over the network. The printers were attached to windows machines, so i sort of get that the mac won't work that way. But yesterday I spent 100 bucks on a wireless print server. It took me all of ten minutes or less per windows machine to configure them to print on either of the two printers that are now connected to the print server. Apple? Almost 2 hours later still nothing. First, the install disc is windows, ok, i get that. So I call Netgear and they tell me to call Apple. So I call apple, 45 minutes on hold, and the jerk technician says that Apple doesn't support anything that's connected to the mac that isn't an Apple product. So, I am no further ahead than before. What I don't get (as a new mac user) is that Apple prides itself on being user friendly, true plug and play, etc. How is it that it takes me under ten minutes to install a printer in Windows, but in mac it can't be done?
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    Well, it's been since last December so I cannot recall the details, but I was able to print to my father-in-law's Epson printer that was connected to his Win XP PC using my MBP. I had to add navigate the Printer & Fax pane's Add New Printer dialog box under the Windows option. From there, it was just a matter of driving down the lists until I found his computer, typed in his password, then let OS X find the Epson drivers for that printer. This printer was connected by USB to his computer, not through a router, though. Also, if his Win PC went to 'sleep' ('hybernate'?) then the printer disappeared.
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    hehe. heres where the fun begins. the print server actually wast necessary. i just got a new macbook and it took me a while to set up printers as well over my network. if printer sharing is enabled on the host pc, then by looking in system prefs > printers and fax > the plus sign > windows (tab) > then by navigating to the workgroup (network) computer and selecting the printer. if that doesnt work, try installing the bonjour print wizard on the host pc and repeat the processs. that should work.

    now exactly what print server are you trying to use?
  4. Virginiadc thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 11, 2008
    Its a Netgear WGPS606. I want to keep the server because it allows everyone to use either a laser or a ink jet and the printers are now in the same room. I need the mac to work with the print server.
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    Jul 29, 2008
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    Oh dear. Yes, been there, too. I'm a recent switcher, and bought my lovely MBP in April. However, I have a rather attractive, dapper, neat little laser printer, which has not given me one second's bother - unlike all of its predecessors - since I bought it three years ago. (It's a Dell 1100 for the record, I know it's not hugely fashionable to praise Dell on this forum, but this is by far the best printer I have ever had, small footprint, works well, etc).

    Anyway, following the instructions - System's Preference - add new printer driver, I realised that while many printers were mentioned by name, my little white number was not. It's a long tale. Google was consulted, and other Mac users told of how the answer was trickery; you inform the Mac that it is shaking hands with a similar printer, and download a piece of software called Ghostscript, which allows you to download other printer's drivers. Following instructions, that still didn't work (it seems I missed one tiny but vital step).

    A bit fed up, (an aunt had just died, and my family were of the view that my new Apple should find it well within it's capabilities to write and print the death notice which we wished to fax to the undertakers and thence, to the national papers; in other words, a tight deadline applied, and I was in the position of the proud owner of a magnificent piece of stunning cutting edge equipment who can't actually perform a very simple, but exceptionally important, action), I called my helpful chap at the Apple shop, the guy who had sold me the MBP. He spent an hour on the phone both to me, and to his contacts, working out how to fool my MBP into thinking that the Dell 1100 was really a Sigma (!!!) printer of similar disposition. I was given various complicated instructions, and promptly obeyed. Eventually, it worked, seamlessly. But easy, effortless, and intuitive, it was not.

    Good luck and cheers
  6. lpigeon macrumors newbie

    Nov 16, 2008
    WGPS606 Mac Network Printing Issues


    Not sure if this will help. Please see work-around (WGPS606_MacOSX_Tiger.doc) from Netgear. We had a Dell PC running via RJ-45 / Ethernet interface into the WGPS606, which interfaced with a Netgear Wireless Print Server (can't recall the model#). Two printers - HP5550 and Canon Pixma 4300 used USB interface into the print server. No issues, the configuration worked like a hose.

    We replaced the Dell with an iMac, and it can't see the printers on the print server over the standard 802.11 interface.

    The work-around from Netgear should be on their support page. The Mac can "see" the printers and we can print to them. However, the Mac only lists a set of GIMP print drivers, and the appropriate drivers are not available in the list. We now have to use incorrect drivers to print.

    I've worked with Mac people at the Mac Store and their support teams, but nobody really knows how to get the Mac to use the correct drivers, which I have downloaded to the iMAC.

    Not sure if you resolved your issue.
  7. the advisor macrumors member

    Nov 16, 2008
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    I think that this is really nothing more then a permissions issue. If you plug both the printers into one of the PC's at the same location, you should be able to eliminate the 'print-server'. By sharing the printers on the computer you have them connected to, you are allowing access to them by all systems connected to your network. Once this is complete, go to system prefs on the mac, then print and fax options, then click the + sign to add a new printer. You will need to search over the network to find the printer, as it will be in a shared location. It will add something to the effect of 'Name of printer'@'location'. After this is done, you will need to install the appropriate drivers and software on the mac.

    I had this setup working perfectly with print and scan capabilities about a month ago. I just recently switched the printer over to a mac connection, however this is possible and does work.

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