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Discussion in 'macOS' started by vansouza, Dec 4, 2008.

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    Why do so many, all most all of them, require a password to install? I have come across a few that do not; and I wonder what the difference is in requiring it or not.

    I am afraid that I get so used to typing my PW that some day I am going to just type it in to the wrong app and get screwed in the process.

    So just wondering what the difference is in requiring it or not.
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    I can't remember an Application that doesn't require a password for install.
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    Some apps (like FireFox, VLC, and many more) can be installed by simply copying it to your /Applications directory, so if you're an admin user, you won't a password to install them.
    Some "installer scripts" don't require your admin-password either.

    So, basically if the installer doesn't need a "sudo" action (temporary root-rights), and if the developer lets you copy the app or use a copy-based-installer script, then no password is required.

    IMHO, every installer of every app should be a package which can only be installed with an admin password.
    This way the user cannot make a mistake as to where an app should be installed, and it gives the user a sense of security.
    How many times I haven't seen users download the MSN.dmg, and mount the disk image to open the app inside it... not knowing you should copy it to the /Applications dir... :rolleyes:

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