Rant: Ordering my new computer


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Feb 5, 2002
So I've been contemplating upgrading my computer (beige 233).

I ordered the new iMac on Jan 7th, two hours after the Expo, after deciding to not wait for the towers. I bought Apple Care and an iPod. I told them to ship seperately, so I received my iPod (fedex express) and Apple Care (fedex ground, so I get it a week later after being told my school refuses fedex ground. I drove to the terminal to fetch it).

Last week, Monday, the towers came out. I cancel the imac order and place a 933mhz tower order. I return the Apple Care (at $10 to ship). I tell them to send UPS, because FedEx Ground can't ship to me. They say okay.

Yesterday, I call to find out what's happening, because this whole time I haven't received a single e-mail. I discover the tower shipped on the 28th, that it's Fedex Ground, and that my email address was listed as @browndot.edu (that's brown.edu, but completely incorrect).

Today, I spend 40 minutes talking to FedEx trying to find my package. Apparently it "slipped through" and got on the van even though all the terminals in the area know that my school doesn't accept ground. There's no number at the terminal, so I have to call FedEx several times before they call the terminal themselves to ask where it is. The van doesn't come back to the terminal until tomorrow morning. I'm SOL.

My option? I can go to an Apple Store an hour away (which has had the towers in stock all last week, mind you) and get the same computer IMMEDIATELY, then refuse shipment of the tower. The tower will get sent back to Apple without me paying for shipping, and I'll get a RMA to get a refund on that machine. I'll get my machine today, i'll refuse the ordered one tomorrow. Otherwise, I can pick up the super-delayed machine tomorrow morning at the terminal 20 mins away.

Is it worth it?


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Oct 23, 2001
Calm down my child!

Everything would have turned out okay if you hadn't jumped the gun on ordering the new iMac. Then on top of all that you get impatient and wonder where your package is. I understand the frustration oft he email thing--that would tick me off too. And I further understand the impatients in getting your new Mac--I recently got a new iBook. But is you could only be patient. You only have of had to wait another day to get your package. Why would you go buy a new at the Apple Store only to know that you're getting one in the mail the next day and that buying another will only cause more touble?
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