RapidWeaver scam?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by akadmon, Apr 2, 2009.

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    I recived an email message, from what appears to be SmithMicro, advertising a sale on RapidWeaver for $29.99 ($50.00 off regular price!). This sounded too good to pass by (I'm in a market for something better than iWeb, but not too expensive), so I decided to look into it. I was a bit wary right away becuase the address the message was sent from is not actually on the SmitMicro domain (message was sent from smithmicro@reply.digitalriver.com). The actual email message can be accessed here (I got this via a "in case you can't view this page correctly" redirect link):


    I became even more suspicious when, after clicking on the Buy Now link, I was taken to a page that again did not appear to be on the smithmicro domain:


    I next went to the actual SmithMicro site. Cllicking on the ONLINE STORE link and then following links to RapidWeaver, I eventually got to a page that does not look anything like the first page I mentioned. It shows a price of $79.99.


    I am tempted to pull the trigger on the $29.99 deal, but I'm also very suspicious that this is some sort of scam. Does anybody know if mysmithmicro.com is affiliated with SmithMicro?
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    Digital River is a company that some companies contract to do online software sales. One of my "Download Only" copies of Toast Titanium that I bought through the Roxio website was downloaded via Digital River. That is not a red flag.
    As far as your concern over the purchase url of "shop.smithmicro.com", that is very much a part of smithmicro.com. It's just a subnet that they (apparently) use for their online store. After checking I've found that they also use my.smithmicro.com. You can't use "blah.something.com" unless you own "something.com" (e.g. store.apple.com)

    Chances are the reason it is cheap is that it is a email exclusive (like a coupon) "Download Only" copy of the software with no physical media. Of course if you have any doubts you can always call Smith Micro (Consumer Division) to verify.
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    After working with the demo of Freeway 5 Pro for a couple of hours, I decided to go with it instead. Freeway rocks!

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