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Apr 20, 2004
Sheffield + Bath UK
Yes, I do have a new M2 MacMiniPro hooked up but I wondered if my Rpi400 could be connected (easily and cheaply) to the ASD?

Richard (UK)


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Oct 28, 2015
Hi, again, unfortunately, I will need a micro-HDMI (in the RPI) to Thunderbolt, (Not a mico-USB to Tb).
The adapter I linked to goes from HDMI (input) to USB-C DisplayPort Alternate Mode (output). The micro-USB connection is just for supplying power to the adapter (being an "active" adapter, it needs power). Adapters or cables from micro-HDMI to full-size HDMI are easy to find.

You don't need a HDMI to Thunderbolt adapter (I don't think such an adapter exists in the first place). You just need HDMI to USB-C. The Studio Display accepts video input via Thunderbolt and USB-C, but you'll have to use its Thunderbolt port in both cases. So, to use the display with the RPi, you'll have to disconnect your Mac or look into a switch (see this thread).

Would something like this suffice:
No. This is the opposite of what you need: it takes a USB-C input and provides an HDMI output.
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