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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MR MIDWAY, Jun 20, 2007.

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    Jun 11, 2007
    Spoke earlier to a manager at one of the ATT stores in BOYNTON BEACH FLORIDA, he says that they are expecting 250 Iphones, and that most of the south Florida stores will be getting between 200 and 250 units.
    He also said that the rate plans will be the same as what Att has for all its other phones, ( this was verified by two store employees at the DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA store, just south of BOYNTON BEACH) they are under the impression that the data plan may combine the unlimited internet for $ 30.00 per month and the unlimited messaging at $ 19.99 per month. The rate plans start at $ 39.99 for 450 minutes and go to 199.99 for 6000 minutes, they all have rollover minutes and unlimited nights and weekends, as well as unlimited calling to all Att phones. They will wave the activation fee if you port over your cell phone number to ATT. They are expecting long lines, they will have extra staff on hand, and plenty of security.

    the staff at both stores are certain that the rate plans wont change very much at all the info for the BOYNTON BEACH store is.

    149 north Congress Ave phone 561.732.1114
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    I spoke with a customer service rep. She said that the phone will require a minimum PDA plan for 29.99/mo. The unlimited is 39.99/mo.
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    Jun 20, 2007
    Somewhat Confirmed iphone details.

    Me and my buddy who went off to find out about if our local AT&T store was going to carry a bunch of the phones found out some details today. Yeah yeah, I have no proof from the store, but pretty much, I have a existing AT&T contract and he is canceling his Tmobile contract which he is 2+ years.

    1. Priority will be given to New Subscribers, so I am assuming that 2 lines will be formed, new people that they can rape with activations and stuff will get to go first.

    2. The iphone will be 499$ and 599$ period, why would anyone offer a lower price, there are probably millions of people that will pay that amount.

    3. The data plan is 39.99 a month ontop of your normal individual plan, it is an unlimited plan, just like every other smartphone. Same price. same deal. I forgot to ask if the plan includes unlim txt messeging, I think all smartphone plans include unlim... Cause if it does, I plan on abusing the hell out of that plan. :).

    4.AT&T Guy gave us his cell # and told us that if we call in the morning to remind him, he will put a couple phones aside for us, makes sense, guy has a guanreteed sale, no unsure of the expense customer, he makes his commission off of the sale and data plan, everyone is happy. Then again, the manager could see this on the morning of the 29th, and tell him he can't.
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    I'm calling the cops
    Maybe we should just merge this all into one thread?
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    This would be the first we are hearing of 'priority given to new subscribers.' Interesting twist, not sure how that's going to work. Wouldn't hold on to hope for being set aside units, but judging from numbers we've seen for inventory estimates, doesn't sound like you'll have anything to worry about.

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