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    RatScrew is an intriguing card game that matches your pattern recognition skills with your reaction time as well as your wits. Its fun for the whole family. You can play against your friends or the computer. Just remember that you are never out of the game till the game is over! You may know the game as Egyptian Ratscrew, Egyptian War, Egyptian Rat War, Egyptian Rat Slap, ERS, or just Slaps. No matter what you call it, it is highly addictive!

    To play a card you can tap, swipe, or drag your card to play it on the pile. Each player also has their own slap area in the shape of a hand. Hit the hand to slap the pile when you see a slap combination. You can also setup the slap rules in the settings and turn on just the rules you are use to playing or you can try different combinations to maximize your fun!

    Features include:
    * HD Images that are optimized for Retina Displays including the new iPad
    * Single or Multi-player modes up to 4 players
    * 3 levels of computer players
    * Fun sounds that you can enable/disable
    * 7 of the more popular slap rules
    * Appropriate for the whole family to enjoy

    You can also add:
    * Selectable Card Packs
    * Selectable Playing Surfaces

    RatScrew for iPhone and iPad


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