RAVPower MFI Lightning USB Cable 2 Pack review

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    This Lightning cable from RAVPower is MFI certified and looks just like the official cable save for the RAVPower logo on the Lightning plug and the fact it is 10cm shorter. The build quality feels every bit as good as the Apple version with no obvious seams as can be found on cheaper options and the USB plug has a nice, sleek finish. The MFI certification is important though as this means it should work in exactly the same way as the official cable so charging and syncing should be trouble free. The serial number stamped on the side of the plug gives this an air of authenticity not seen in other cables.

    In my testing, this proved to be the case with no issues at all. I see no weak points from a construction perspective and this should hold up to repeated use at least as good as the official cable, perhaps even better as I have seen them split through excessive use. Only time will tell in this regard. Of course the other key comparison is price and this is where RAVPower nails it - this cable is less than half the price of the Apple cable. You also have the choice of picking up a twin pack which is even better value for money and it is always handy to have additional cables - perhaps one in the office and one in the car?

    I personally would not consider the official cable when the RAVPower alternative offers the same experience for less than half the outlay. If you need another Lightning cable or two, this seems like a no brainer from a value for money perspective.

    I got this from http://www.amazon.co.uk/2-Pack-RAVP...100092&sr=8-1&keywords=ravpower+mfi+lightning

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    I have one of these in my car. It's pretty good.

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