Ravpower xRobot power bank review

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by LaymansDomain, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. LaymansDomain macrumors member

    Dec 13, 2012
    I've been somewhat following Ravpower's battery range for a while on Amazon and saw this and thought it would be a good buy. It's called the Ravpower Xrobot and comes attached with 3 cables, micro usb, 30 pin apple cable, and a standard usb cable to charge the xrobot. It's very sleek in design: white, light weight, cables tucks into the unit so I don't have to carry extra cables around. It also has a really nice white LED indicator that shows how much life is in this thing. It even has a standard usb 2.0 port so I can use my own cables for something that doesn't take micro usb or non-apple products. On the box it also indicates it's MFI certified. I've never heard of this term before but after doing some research, it means Made for iphone or i-products that takes the 30 pin and uses an original apple 30 pin charging adapter.

    6000mAh with Lithium Polymer Cell batteries
    Attached cables: 30 pin Apple cable 5v/2.1a, micro USB 5v/1a, and standard USB cable 5v/1a to charge the xRobot.
    Automatically powers on when it plugs into your device.
    Size 3.94" x 2.46" x 0.96"
    Weight 6.07 oz (feels like it weighs about the same as my iphone 4s)

    Cost: Currently 49.99 on Amazon

    During test runs, I was trying to see how much percentage my phone's battery goes up per minute and it seems that while charging with this, 1% goes up per minute which is kind of fast. I'm pleasantly surprised at how well this thing has charged my iphone that I would recommend it to anyone interested in buying a back up travel charger. Very simple and straight forward and I won't go far without it. Only thing I didn't like was that it kind of got dirty quick and it scratches kind of easily but that just be me and my handling. Also it would be nice if the cable was longer and retractable.

    Hope you have found this review useful.

  2. darky90 macrumors member

    Oct 30, 2012
    I actually got this back a while ago and still carry it with me in my car. Been very handy for those moments where my phone goes down below 20% and need a charge. Nice design but yeah, like you said, I wish the cable was longer, but i do like that I don't have to carry any extra cables around. Even the cable that charges this thing is connected to it so I have to do is plug it into a computer or usb plug converter for the wall.

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