Razzie award winners or umm losers

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    Lindsay Lohan was crowned top of the flops at the Razzies here Saturday, the annual eve-of-Oscars parody that honors the very worst of Hollywood.

    The starlet was a joint winner of the worst actress Golden Raspberry (Razzie) for her dual roles in the critically panned box-office dud "I Know Who Killed Me," which was also crowned worst picture.
    In all the film won eight Razzies, including worst director for Chris Sivertson's effort, worst screenplay for the script based on Jeff Hammon's writing, worst excuse for a horror movie, and worst remake or rip-off.
    Speaking about Lohan's joint victory in the acting category, Razzies chief John Wilson said the dual dishonors were a fitting tribute.

    "It's appropriate that it's a tie, because at the end of the movie, you don't know if it was one person or two people, or are they twins, or are we as mentally ill as the screenwriter and director," he said.

    The honors reward Lohan for her work during a miserable 2007 when her life was dominated by personal woes which included two arrests for drunk-driving and drug possession, a brief stint in jail and a stay in rehab for substance abuse.
    Reviews of "I Know Who Killed Me" were universally withering last year.
    "A disaster that exerts a perverse fascination," was how influential movie trade journal Daily Variety described the film, while Premiere Magazine dismissed it as "risible, grotesque and incoherent."

    Veteran funnyman Eddie Murphy meanwhile scored a rare treble of acting Razzies for his trio of performances in the comedy "Norbit," which once again saw him don latex and make-up to play multiple characters.
    Murphy was named worst actor for his role as the nerdy title character, worst supporting actor for playing a Chinese man and worst supporting actress for playing an overweight woman.

    The release of "Norbit" just prior to last year's Oscars was said by some pundits to have hurt Murphy's chances of winning a best supporting actor Academy Award for his role in "Dreamgirls."
    The film was relentlessly savaged by critics across the United States, with top reviewer Richard Roeper branding it "offensively bad."

    The Los Angeles Times was even more scathing.
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    Oh my......

    How? *searches Google Images*
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    Well i must have awful taste cause I loved Norbit... I bought the DVD and have watched it many times.... Laugh my ass off every time I watch it.
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