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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by boss1, Mar 19, 2010.

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    I know a similar thread exists below. This one differs as it offers 2 suggested solutions that may be taken into consideration.

    Piece 1: A (small) % of clicks on positive or negative are probably attributed to unintentional misclicks given the close proximity of the "postive - negative" rating links to the comments link. Suggest that this be moved further apart.

    Piece 2: More likely to cause a reflective and accurate # of positive vs negative ratings: In a similar fashion that Apple revised it's app rating methods. MacRumors should only allow a positive or negative rating option available when someone is posting a comment to a thread (preferably one time per thread).

    This would eliminate the hundreds of trolls (possibly bots?) who visit the site and spam negative / positive ratings to every story without holding them accountable for stating something of relevance to the topic.

    Taking it a step further if possible, If Piece 2 is implemented then a 5 star scaled rating system could be implemented instead of simply "Negative (Horrible) or Positive (Great!)"

    As it stands now the negative / positive ratings system is meaningless for any back end analysis (if that's being used for that purpose). It's also stomach turning when the death of another human being is allowed to be rated a positive without explanation .

    Lastly, to bring up points that everyone might have their own reasons for rating something a neg/pos. and it should be allowed, is in line with my thought process. I'm just adding in the accountability part to it.
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    Really, they are quite far apart with a dead space between the words.

    Like this(?):

    Screen shot 2010-03-20 at 13.54.13.jpg
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    Yes. If the functionality already exists then the results of that rating should be displayed in place if the current positive negative system on front page stories. Further more only available at the interface when posting a reply to a thread.

    The issue pointedly is what I stated in the op. The rating generated by the free for all pos/neg on the front page is felt generally by many visitors as being used maliciously or as a joke.

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