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    I hope this is the right forum (versus the MBP forum)...

    I have been testing out a new rMBP for about 2 weeks and decided I am going to keep it. I have loaded a lot of software on to it and want to now perform a clean install. With that being said I have the following questions:

    1. If I perform the standard Apple Recovery method using CTRL-R upon boot, will there be an option to perform a custom install? For example, in Snow Leopard I use to be able to de-select languages, printers, etc to save SSD space... Is the case with the Mountain Lion Recovery Install? Or does ML not include all of that additional data?

    2. Now how will the re-install affect all the used space on my rMBP SSD? Mind you, there is nothing that I need to save, I was just testing the rMBP out. My concern is with SSD optimization; so when I perform the re-install will the built-in TRIM functions take care of everything and I don't need to worry about all the test software I installed that I no longer want?

    Many thanks!


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