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    Hello all,

    I've done a search but couldn;t find this precise answer.

    I installed Snow Leopard on a brand new SSD, however I had a fiasco with DVD player and deleting some of the framework.

    I now wish to re-reinstall The OS - what is the best way to without compromising the performance? I'm not bothered about wiping or anything.

    First time around I did 1 Partition, that is all. Do i just do the same? Format as 1 partition and let it sort itself out?

    Advice & opinions most appreciated
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    - boot up from the DVD
    - launch (Utilities) Disk Utility
    - select the Macintosh HD partition
    - go to the "Erase tab", erase the partition as Mac OS extended (journaled)
    - to be sure, go to the "partition" tab, replace "Current" for "1 partition"
    - click "Options"
    - make sure that "GUID partition table" is selected
    - click OK
    - click Apply

    - quit Disk Utility

    - install the OS
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