Re: Yellow Staining -- It Goes Away?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ryuuzaki, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. ryuuzaki macrumors member


    Mar 30, 2010

    Check out this engadget post that was posted a few moments ago.

    "We're starting to hear a few reports of the dreaded yellow spots disappearing from the iPhone 4's display after a day or so of use. Interestingly, someone posting on the AppleInsider forums seems to know why:

    Apple is using a bonding agent called Organofunctional Silane Z-6011 to bond the layers of glass. Apparently, Apple (or more likely Foxconn) is shipping these products so quickly that the evaporation process is not complete. However, after one or two days of use, especially with the screen on, will complete the evaporation process and the yellow "blotches" will disappear. How do I know? I was involved in pitching Z-6011 to Apple.

    Well look at that. Lets hope this is the case. A few users in the forums are confirming this as well.

    I guess that just leaves us with the reception issue.

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