Reactivate expired MobileMe account?

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    Mine deactivated in may, and I logged in today to find my acct was extended till next year! SCORE!
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    Apparently no more reactivating MobileMe accounts. If I'd thought, I could've done it yesterday and got a refund:(. Would've been a gamble though. I suspect when this thing goes live, you'll be able to reactivate an old account. At least I hope so. Mine only expired in February I think.

    Can't wait to use iTunes Match to sort out my crappy CD rips;).
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    Is there any more info on this?

    I have an account that expired in December and I'd like the username back.
    About a month ago I opened a trial account just to see if I wanted to reactivate the old one. Sort of test the waters.

    I'm in a chat session with Apple at the moment. Will update when we're done.
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    Yardley, PA
    MobileMe Chat Support
    1:26 p.m. on Tuesday, June 7, 2011
    Duration: 01:09:49
    Case Number : 225323824

    MobileMe Representative: Chantel

    Advisor [1:37 p.m.]:
    Hello, my name is Chantel. Welcome to MobileMe chat support. Please give me a moment to look over your information.

    Advisor [1:39 p.m.]:
    Are you still there?

    Customer [1:39 p.m.]:
    Yes ma'am

    Advisor [1:41 p.m.]:
    May I ask have you chatted in about this issue before?

    Customer [1:41 p.m.]:
    No this is my first chat

    Advisor [1:41 p.m.]:
    I see that you are having issues with your MobileMe username, correct?

    Customer [1:42 p.m.]:

    Advisor [1:42 p.m.]:
    I understand how important it is to have the correct account information and will be happy to assist you.

    Advisor [1:44 p.m.]:
    May I ask you some questions to verify your account?

    Customer [1:44 p.m.]:
    Please do

    Advisor [1:44 p.m.]:
    Thank you. May I have your billing address please?

    [Edited out for obvious privacy reasons.]

    Advisor [1:49 p.m.]:
    Perfect, thanks for that information. Your MobileMe username is [removed]

    Customer [1:49 p.m.]:
    Well that's the trial I started to see if I could get into my old email, but it didn't work

    Customer [1:50 p.m.]:
    The address I'm trying to retrieve is [removed] - it was active for years.

    Advisor [1:50 p.m.]:
    One moment please.

    Customer [1:50 p.m.]:
    The issue is that an Apple store rep told me to create a trial and merge the account, but there's no way to do that. Now that it's taken too long and this iCloud stuff started, I can't get my email back.

    Advisor [1:51 p.m.]:
    If the account was no longer active then it will be unable to be renewed as you can see here you are unable to sign up for trial accounts as of June 6, 2012.

    Customer [1:52 p.m.]:
    So how do I get my email address back that I paid for? I need it for work.

    Customer [1:52 p.m.]:
    Not to mention the data I have on that account.

    Advisor [1:54 p.m.]:
    If the account is no longer active, it can't be reactivated and all data has been removed from the account. I understand how important it is to have your account and apologize for the inconvenience. What I can do is give you this link to our feedback site, to let our engineers know about the features of MobileMe.

    Customer [1:56 p.m.]:
    I don't understand what I'm telling your engineers that's going to help me get my data. Nor do I understand what I can tell them that they don't already know. I think you just told me that even though I paid to have my data stored on MobileMe, that somehow through your terms and conditions, and the release of a new service called iCloud, you've deleted all of my data and restricted me from access to the account, paid or not. Correct?

    Advisor [1:56 p.m.]:
    Once a MobileMe account goes inactive the data is not stored on MobileMe, which is why we encourage members to back up their data.

    Customer [1:58 p.m.]:
    MobileMe IS the backup... just because there's a billing issue and I've changed credit cards, doesn't mean my data gets erased and I'm blocked off. That's absurd. I understand holding off acess to the data until payment is made, but deleting all of the data just because payment was NOT made is borderline spite.

    [I later understood that MobileMe was never designed to act as a backup, but merely a system for device parity of information. But most of this statement still holds true.]

    Customer [1:59 p.m.]:
    Forget the data. How can I get my registered username back?

    Advisor [2:00 p.m.]:
    MobileMe accounts will not be able to be renewed so there will not be a way to make the username active again.

    Customer [2:02 p.m.]:
    So with no warning whatsoever, any users who were awaiting the announcement before dropping a possibly unecessary $99 on a new year of service (granted they wound up being reimbursed, but who would have known that?) are now being told their usernames they were waiting to reactivate have been restricted and are now inaccessible?

    Advisor [2:05 p.m.]:
    I understand how frustrating it can be to not have your MobileMe email address any longer. At this time your are unable to renew your account because MobileMe will no longer be available as of June 30, 2012.

    Customer [2:06 p.m.]:
    I appreciate that you understand my frustration, but what is the answer to that question?

    Customer [2:08 p.m.]:
    Also, as the previous owner of [removed], can you, with my permission, delete the account, and give me that username under my existing MobileMe trial account?

    Advisor [2:09 p.m.]:
    All accounts that were active in only been inactive for less than 45 days have been extended to June 30, 2012. Once an account is created the name cannot be transferred to any other MobileMe account.

    Customer [2:10 p.m.]:
    But if you're deleting everyone's old data then why not delete the username as well? What's the point in preserving the username if no one can use it? It's unintentionally taunting your former customers who paid for the names.

    Advisor [2:13 p.m.]:
    The data is removed from the account but once an account name is used it is not able to be used or added to another account. Before the announcement of iCloud you were allowed to renew the existing account but you could also not transfer the account name.

    Customer [2:16 p.m.]:
    First of all, telling me that once an account name is created it cannot be used again didn't answer the question. My question was directly about that fact. So again, why is this the case? What is Apple doing with my username that's so important that I can't have it back? Secondly, before the announcement of iCloud, we didn't know about iCloud killing off MobileMe. Hence, there was no warning for anyone waiting to activate an old username. Given that I had no warning, it would seem reasonable to grant access to the name just for the sake of correcting that unintentional slap in the face.

    Customer [2:17 p.m.]:
    People knew something was coming, but no one had any idea it would kill off their old usernames. You can't just do that and turn your back on those customers with lines like "I totally understand," etc. That doesn't help. All of the people and businesses that I had contact with through that username don't feel any better.

    Advisor [2:19 p.m.]:
    MobileMe accounts that were expired will not be able to be reactivated to retain the use of your email address. Once a MobileMe member name is created it cannot be used or linked to any other account.

    Customer [2:21 p.m.]:
    So it's impossible to delete a MobileMe account, thereby making use of the name available once again?

    Advisor [2:23 p.m.]:
    You can cancel your MobileMe account, as of yesterday MobileMe accounts are not able to be renewed. When an account is cancelled, the data is removed and no one is able to use that member name. There is no way to reactivate an old account to regain the use of the username.

    Customer [2:24 p.m.]:
    So when iCloud is released and email addresses can be made once again, can I get my "[removed]" name in format or whatever it may be?

    Advisor [2:27 p.m.]:
    When you sign up for iCloud, you'll be able to keep your active or email address and move your MobileMe mail, contacts, calendars, and bookmarks to the new service.
    When iCloud becomes available this fall, more details and instructions will be provided on how to make the move.

    Customer [2:27 p.m.]:
    But again, just because I didn't give you $99 two days ago, my username is lost forever?

    Advisor [2:29 p.m.]:
    If the account was inactive for more than 45 days ago it is unable to be renewed.

    Customer [2:30 p.m.]:
    So that's a yes? It's confusing when you answer questions with facts or statements relating to your answer, rather than giving the answer directly.

    Customer [2:31 p.m.]:
    I'm asking a verys specific question. If I had paid $99 two days ago, would I be able to use my old username?

    Advisor [2:31 p.m.]:
    Yes, that is correct.

    Customer [2:32 p.m.]:
    So would it be fair to say, yes or no, that there was no way in the time before the announcement, that I would have known to take care of that in order to preserve my username?

    Advisor [2:34 p.m.]:
    Yes, and I understand how upsetting it may be to know that you are unable to renew your old account.

    Customer [2:35 p.m.]:
    As long as I know I'm completely without options and you can have some humanity in taking responsibility for failing to communicate to users about this.

    Advisor [2:35 p.m.]:
    Once the information about iCloud was released MobileMe members did receive an email about this information.

    Customer [2:36 p.m.]:
    Yes, but there was no time to activate and preserve usernames and/or data. Right? It's not like Apple made the announcement and said that we now have time, at least a day, to do so. We were just told and turned a shoulder to.

    Advisor [2:37 p.m.]:
    If your account was already inactive for 45 days all data had already been wiped from the account.

    Customer [2:37 p.m.]:
    Not the username. They decided to keep that. So the first half of what I said still holds true. There wasn't a single second given to us to reactivate and preserve the names.

    Advisor [2:39 p.m.]:
    I understand how not being able to keep your username can be upsetting and apologize for the inconvenience.

    [Finally got the magic words!]

    Customer [2:40 p.m.]:
    Thank you. Next time, don't spend an hour and change arguing with paid customers. Just be humble, take a step back, and apologize. It's not like you're the team at MobileMe. It's good to take ownership of mistakes on behalf of the company you serve. Sometimes, even beyond solving our problems, all a customer needs is an apology and some understanding.

    Advisor [2:40 p.m.]:
    Have a great day Sean. Thanks for chatting with us. We value your feedback. Please click the "End Chat" button at the top left corner of the chat window and answer a few questions about your experience with us today.


    I don't know if it's just me, and it probably is, but I feel like I was in the right here. I'm not actually this sore about all of this, and half of what I said (especially the bit about an Apple store rep telling me to do bla bla) wasn't true as I was just trying to drive the point home about Apple dropping the ball here.

    The overall goal here was to get an Apple representative to admit fault on behalf of the company and agree (even partially) to my argument that time could and/or should have been given to customers like myself to preserve usernames we had.

    But let's be real here. I just wanted back.


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