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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by mbanewuser, Dec 20, 2012.

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    Dec 20, 2012

    I will receive a new MBA 8GB/128GB/i5 for Christmas. I've always been a windows user. However, both OS X and the portability of the MBA made me decide to switch.
    I've always used USB external hard drives to store my data. However, as I've always been a windows user, both my HD are NTFS formatted. My question is: do you any software (free or cheap) that would allow me to read and write NTFS in OS X since I've no other place to store my data and format my HDs in HFS+ or exFAT.

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    There is a way to to this in OS X but it seems to have issues, another way is Paragon which is not free.

    I gave a link to another thread here, I will try to find it and report as soon as I find it.

    Edit 1: If you do a search on this link with this text it will give you lots of hits.

    NTFS read write

    Edit 2: This link is better, look for the advise from GGJstudios
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    Before Paragon google actually started a project software for NTFS for Macs. Never made it to V1.0, but has always been working for me without a hassle.

    It,s not been offered anymore by google directly, maybe needs a bit of google search to find a server to dl it from: ntfs for mac (by google)

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    Directly-attached storage is one thing.

    I have a Windows server on the LAN and am able to read directly from it (as-it wo any add-on), and write is OK too, the only thing I cannot do is to delete something created before, some kind of permission it complaints but I sign on the server with its admin password... weird havent had time to deal with it.
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    Thanks a lot! I'll give a try and/or buy one of them as soon as I get my MBA (Dec 25.)

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