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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by philskint, Mar 29, 2006.

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    Mar 29, 2006
    About a trillion years ago (1990) I was working on a mackintosh using the 'macwrite' programme to write a filmscript. I saved copies on floppies of course, as back then writable cds were not readily available. Problem is now I can't find a floppy disc drive to open them and as per normal, when I try, it tells me to reformat the floppy. I also think they are not double density discs but single density (80kps I think). What plan of action is possible. Do I have to find an old mac system that sees the SD floppy? heelllpp
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    There are two possibilities:

    • It's an 800K [DD] floppy. You would need a MacOS 9 capable machine old enough to have a floppy drive. A beige G3 or a WallStreet PB with a floppy module would do the trick. I'm almost positive that all USB floppy drives are hi-density [HD] Mac disks only. (NOTE: being able to read a 720K PC floppy is irrelevant to being able to read an 800 K Mac floppy).

    * It's a 400K [SD] floppy. Now we're talking REALLY ancient. You need a machine old enough to boot into System 7. MacOS 8 and MacOS 9 do not support the MFS file system used on those old beasties.

    I have the necessary hardware and will convert them to diskimage for you if you want. I also have the ability to translate the content out of MacWrite into something more modern if you want (insofar as the original MacWrite, not being 32-bit clean, will not run under Classic, or even System 7 with 32-bit addressing turned on (remember that?).

    Let me know if it's worth it to you. Cost you the postage to get it here. (I assume I could just email the diskimages or files back to you).

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