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    Oct 20, 2011
    Hello all,

    I just downloaded ReadKit, and I am very pleased with the layout, services, etc. But one question I had, is there a way to make all articles show up in Readability format automatically? Or at the least, not in RSS article preview mode?

    Mr. Reader on the iPad does this, and I really like not have to click the extra step each time.

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    I just started using Readkit with Feedly a couple days ago. I noticed in the devs. Twitter feed this same question was asked, and his reply was that he will not be adding this option as it would hammer the Readability service.

    For article that just show a preview, you can run the feed through a service like this to get the full feed.

    I have found with the KB shortcuts though I can quickly hit the G key to pull in an article with Readability in Readkit.
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