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    Been looking at numerous options for a wireless media server / back up device. Initially thought of using a time capsule - but having done some research this seems a little over priced and under equipped.

    Does anyone know much about the Netgear ReadyNAS machines looking at the ReadyNAS Duo - tech specs at the end. Essentially I have arouter but want a wireless storage system that enables me to store movies/audio/other media whilst also allowing backup of data. The Netgear readyNAS also seems to suggest that it will do ??wifi time capsule style backups?

    Does anyone have any experience with these, essentially can get a 2TB version for £280 - so £50 more than a 1TB time capsule, of course this doesn't serve as a router and I do need to check the time capsule function but, seems like a good system....

    Thanks for advice

    - Ultra small form factor high performance 2 bay home NAS with Gigabit connectivity
    - Never lose data due to drive failure by simply adding a second drive.
    - X-RAID technology - Hot swap drives easily to add capacity when you need it, without any down time.
    - Dedicated storage processor and hardware RAID for class leading read/write performance.
    - Full backup capability - Included Shadow for ReadyNAS software allows constant data backup of PC's and Macs.
    - Full Media server - stream movies, music and photos to any network capable media player including Xbox360, PS3 etc.
    - Apple iTunes 7 servers - iPods, iPhones, PCs or Macs running the iTunes client can access the shared music library stored on the ReadyNAS Duo.
    - Share Photos - ReadyNAS Photos allows you to share your pictures with friends and family across the internet to anywhere in the world.
    - Built-in BitTorrent Client - Download straight into ReadyNAS Duo without a PC being switched on.
    - Multifunction USB ports - Connect USB drives and share printers through 3 fast USB ports.
    - Access stored content anywhere via the Internet
    - Low power consumption - draws less than 10% of the power of an average PC.

    *Add a second hard drive for protection from hard drive failure. ReadyNAS Duo automatically switches to RAID1 mirroring.

    A NAS (Network Attached Storage) Device for the Home

    Provides extra storage that can be conveniently shared with all your computers
    The ReadyNAS Duo is perfect for homes with more than one computer. Unlike a USB drive, the ReadyNAS connects to the network and is simultaneously accessible via all connected Windows or Macintosh computers.

    Access stored content anywhere via the Internet
    If there is a broadband Internet connection and a home router, the ReadyNAS can be set up to provide secure access to all the stored files remotely via the Internet.

    Optional "spare" hard drive protects against drive failure by making a duplicate copy of all your data
    For added protection of stored data, an optional second hard disk drive can be installed. The spare hard drive will keep an extra copy of all the data and instantly take over if the first hard drive should fail.

    Supports most network music, picture and video players
    Advanced media streaming support allows the ReadyNAS to directly serve media, with no PC required, to devices such as the NETGEAR EVA products, Sonos® Digital Music System, Logitech Squeezebox?, Apple iTunes® clients, Sony Playstation® 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360®.

    Embedded BitTorrent™ client for direct downloading from the Internet
    Officially licensed BitTorrent client allows downloading to occur without the need for an additional computer. A Web-based interface facilitates download management from computers, and combine it with the NETGEAR EVA products to bring media to your entertainment center

    ReadyNAS Vault™
    Integrated offsite backup for files and folders. Optional ReadyNAS Vault backup software is built right into all ReadyNAS storage systems. Simply determine what you want protected and ReadyNAS Vault automatically and securely handles the rest

    Integrated offsite backup for files and folders
    Optional ReadyNAS Vault backup software is built right into all ReadyNAS storage systems. Simply determine what you want protected and ReadyNAS Vault automatically and securely handles the rest.

    All ReadyNAS systems support the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) and Apple Time Machine™ so multiple Mac users can use a central location to share files and do backups. Bonjour® software enables auto-discovery and Macintosh status monitoring widgets are supported.
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    Bristol, UK
    I've got a readynas duo here and I've installed 1/2 a dozen for clients. They are very good little machines. Quite easy to setup and support mac's well.

    They aren't the quietest things in the world, but a simple fan change can fix.

    There is some great support for it in the netgear forums and as they are now very cheap there are plenty of users out there with them.

    In the UK at leasts its far cheaper to buy the bare no drives version and add your own. I went for seagate lp drives for low power and noise.
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    Northeast USA
    +1 for the readynas.

    I bought one to replace my time capsule. put two WD green 1TB drives in it and its working perfectly as my media server and for time machine.
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    Mar 14, 2004
    How is this done and which fan would you recommend?

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