Real-life Organization Software?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by oneoctavehigher, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. oneoctavehigher macrumors newbie

    Mar 20, 2008
    Does anyone know of any software meant to help organize your "real" life? By "real" life I mean: I want to catalog certain broad categories of items or specific items from by bedroom into a computerized, searchable database of some sort.

    Basically, I would want a program that lets you create "items" and attach tags and even photos to the items. I want to be able to catalog all my clothes, books, important papers, and gadget accessories like cell phone chargers, extra batteries, where I keep my pencils, etc. :cool:

    I know that sounds like a lot, but say I want to wear a red shirt but don't feel like digging through my drawers. I would have all my shirts tagged with colors and I could type in "red" and a spotlight-like search/browser would show all my red shirts, with images if I attached them, and I'd be able to look through all of them, choose one, and I would be able to find it in my room via a "location" tag (tags such as "white dresser - top drawer," "brown dresser - middle drawer," etc).

    Wouldn't that be a great application to have? If there's not one out there, will someone please make one? Most of you on here are talented :p and I believe it would be a very simple application to make.
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    I would have to assume you have either very few possessions, or a lot of spare time. :p

    That's something that Quicken does to an extent, IIRC, used for a personal inventory for things like insurance claims, etc., later on. Honestly though, after a while you gather so much stuff in life that the time to record, organize, and categorize is just a waste. I know where my clothes are and what they are, all I really need is to maintain a basic list in case of catastrophic loss, and for that my insurance will pay a pretty large lump sum knowing that nobody inventories their life to any great detail.

    Now, once RFID is implanted in everything (and assuming there's sufficient metadata), it'll be useful to me. Especially when I'm running low on beer...

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