Real Needs .... MacBook or Pro


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Jun 11, 2007
I dont know what to go for Macbook or bottom 13" macbook pro.

I know alot of people will say just spend the extra on the macbook pro but somethings are stopping me.

My needs are mainly just regular needs: internet, itunes, watching movies, ripping dvds.

As i see it if i upgrade the macbook to 4gb ram it will only be £60ish more with student discount, and for that money i get the aluminium casing, backlit keyboard, sd card slot, infra-red receiver.

the aluminium casing puts me off as it dents quite easily, i dont want to baby the laptop, its expected to get a few knocks and survive, atleast with the white plastic if it cracks it can still be used, whereas the aluminium bends and stops ports from being used etc. I also dont feel the aluminium casing looks as nice personally.

I dont like the extra layer of glass infront of the screen, but i do like the better screen quality. Is the macbooks screen as good quality as the pro?

The backlit keyboard is abit of a novelty to me, i dont look at the keys whilst typing and normaly sit in good light anyway.

I dont like the ambient light sensor as when i tried my friends macbook pro at a few places where i use it, the screen and keyboard kept changing brightness when i moved and blocked/unblocked the light. So i turned off the ambient sensor as much as i could.

i dont have a camera that uses an sd card slot, although i might one day the printer i connect the laptop to has a built in card reader so this isnt a big deal for me.

I think i would miss the infra-red remote receiver although i can use the remote app on my iphone.

I also prefer the white look of the casing of the macbook, and prefer the bottom of the macbook as i can place it on rougher surfaces outside etc without worrying about the bottom scratching.

Also do i really need 4gb ram at this point? I dont use many applications at once and think people just say get it for the hell of it, i mean 1-2 years ago 2gb was standard and people coped with that, so whats stopping me now? i know it may help, but will it speed up encoding with handbrake?

So should i get the macbook for £729 with 2gb ram, £795 with 4gb or macbook pro with 4gb for £860?

ATM im leaning towards macbook for £729. I can always upgrade in the future when 4gb ram prices come down.

What are your opinions? Thank You

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Sep 22, 2006
Think about keeping this new computer for years. If you don't use a feature now, maybe later on you might want to use or try it, maybe even decide you like it more.

You can turn off the ambient light sensor. I have a MacBook Pro that doesn't even have the illuminated keys on at all.

If you keep decent care of your computer it will be just fine, and it is pretty sturdy and won't get dented unless you drop it from a decent height.

The general nature of what you are saying is very negative, saying I don't use this and don't like that. well, what do you like? I saw that you liked the better screen on the MBP.


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Jul 21, 2009
United Kingdom
I say go for the MacBook Pro base 13". For less than £200 you get a solid aluminium computer with a lovely screen. Illuminated keyboard and all the other shaz that comes with the pro line.

If you can justify the price, buy the MBP.


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Jan 5, 2005
I'm leaning towards macbook for £729. I can always upgrade in the future when 4gb ram prices come down. What are your opinions? Thank You
There is always something a little better for a little more. You have to draw the line somewhere. If you are leaning towards the Macbook, and think it will satisfy your needs, what is the point in spending more? Follow your inclination and save your money. There is always something you need to spend money on. Why waste it on something you had to be talked into buying?


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Mar 11, 2009
Edinburgh, UK
You seem quite happy with the macbook so tbh I'd just get that. It'll last you through uni quite happily.

I upgraded from an iBook, which when I bought it was the entry level laptop, to a MBP this April. I bought the pro mainly 'cause it got updated sooner than the macbook and I needed a new laptop fast. I was also kind of sick of the white.

Saying that, my Macbook Pro lives on my desk with very occasional trips to the outside world and there's already a slight chip in the side and on the lid. They're absolutely tiny but I have not the slightest idea how they got there. Irritating, and a little worrying.

My one misgiving about this computer was the fear of it being dented - my iBook had a hard life with never more than a scratch - since I've noticed these chips I'm now thinking about buying one of those big plasticy clip on cases for it. Tiresome and absurdly expensive, but I'd rather that than a dent :(


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Jun 11, 2007
Thanks for all your help. I think a lot of you are right that I have convinced myself into the White. I also agree with instaxgirl and have noticed others with slight dents and don't want to get a hardcase for them.

I guess I just wanted to check that the White MacBook can do everything I mentioned?
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